Technician Training A Core Focus at C B Norwood

With 17 years’ experience, Darryl Jeffery, technical support specialist is a pivotal cog in C B Norwood Distributors Ltd's New Holland dealer support network.  Darryl has a farming background, contracting experience, and is a qualified diesel technician. So he is well equipped to pass on technical expertise from Norwood's Support Office in Palmerston North to about 400 technicians throughout New Zealand.

As part of Norwood's continual upskilling programme, Darryl spent two weeks in May this year at New Holland's Centre of Harvesting Excellence in Zedelgem, Belgium, where he has undergone training previously. This plant of 43 hectares and staff of 2,500 is one of New Hollands many plants around the world, and specialises in forage harvesters, combine harvesters, and big balers. Two weeks of long days of classroom theory and workshop practical work focused on the maintenance of FR series forage harvesters. Time to spare at the end of the forage harvester training, meant they could turn their attention to combi balers.  With just four “students”, (Darryl, an Australian from CNH, and two technical team members from the factory); and one tutor, the training was focused and intense. The course was well structured and went into depth across all aspects of forage harvesters including principles, controls, component function and set-up, and maintenance. With the assembly line on site, harvesters and all their componentry could be easily seen at any stage of assembly. 

“In a machine like this, the most critical area is the setup, making sure that the knives and shear bar are in good condition along with the CP rolls, to achieve optimal chop quality.  This goes along with the transition of the crop flowing through the machine to achieve the high output which this machine is capable of,” Darryl said.  All of this is beneficial to the customer to ensure the machine is working to its optimum performance. Technicians set this up prior to delivery but they may be called to make adjustments in the field. 

Having absorbed all of this information straight from the factory, Darryl’s focus has now turned to passing this knowledge onto our New Zealand based technicians, ensuring they have the most up-to-date information and skills. Darryl has already run multiple technicians' courses at the Norwood Training Centre with plans to continue.

“We have two used machines on hand. We go through them with the guys, discuss the areas of concern they may see in their winter checks, and look at how to set up the machine for peak performance.” Each course has about six head technicians, who can then go back and spread the knowledge to their staff. 

“We plan to do dealer visits before the season kicks off, particularly to areas where new machines are being commissioned, and to the key dealerships in areas where forage harvesters are working.” 

The end result is first class service to customers in the way of technical back-up, both at the delivery of the new machine, and throughout its service life.