Turbos and Tractors Prove A Hit At Colyton School

It was back to the classroom for the Norwood Farm Machinery Centre Manawatu staff yesterday. Although some might assume it was to brush up on their algebra skills, they were there to support Manawatu Rugby’s ‘Adopt a Turbo’ morning.

As a proud sponsor of the Manawatu Turbos, Norwood Farm Machinery Centre added to the memorable morning for Colyton Primary school students by taking along the New Holland Police tractor.

Norwood Farm Machinery Centre Manawatu Branch Manager, Janoah Smith, said that he’s passionate about making sure that his team give back to the local community, particularly to the rural schools who sometimes get forgotten.

“It’s fantastic to be a part of a morning like this for a small country school like Colyton. Rural Manawatu is such an important part of the rugby community in our province, and you can see it in these kids’ faces how much they enjoy a chance to meet the Turbos players.”

Feilding Police Officer, Constable Sarah Cree, was another special guest. New Holland and the Police have been partnering for nearly three years, using the Police tractor to help raise awareness of rural crime and promote discussions among rural communities.

Although Constable Cree is a familiar face at Colyton Primary School, she said it was neat to give the kids a new experience with the Police tractor there. “It’s a wonderful tool to help pass on information and education to the kids. It’s a bit of fun for them, but has a learning element too”.

Turbos players Tim Cadwallader and Liam Mitchell might have been looking forward to a morning off training, but the Colyton kids kept them busy with reading activities, question sessions and a few games of touch rugby. 

“I’ve been out to Colyton school with the Turbos a few times and it’s always fun. The kids are always really happy and keen to get amongst it. They’re not shy to ask questions or get us involved in what they’re doing” said Cadwallader.

Vice Principal, Austin Smith, said that it was always a pleasure hosting the Turbos. “The kids get so much out of it. It’s great for them to connect with the guys, not just as players, but as regular people too. It’s a really valuable opportunity for the kids to learn about leadership and perseverance from their role models.”

As an added treat for the kids, Manawatu Sales Representative Zac Harris left behind 10 tickets to this weekends’ game for teachers to hand out. “After a morning of excitement, I was worried the kids might be a bit of handful for the teachers this afternoon. Maybe they can use the tickets as incentives for some quiet reading time”, said Harris.