Vaderstad Tempo Training Popular With Customers And Salesmen As Planting Season Approaches

502.5 hectares at an average speed of 22 km/hr with 98% planting accuracy (independently verified). That was the world record set by the Vaderstad Tempo in Hungary in April for the most hectares planted in a 24 hour period.

It’s undeniable that the Vaderstad Tempo has set the international benchmark for precision planting since it launched in 2012. C B Norwood Distributors Ltd have seen a steady increase in Tempo sales over the last few years culminating in record numbers making their way onto New Zealand farms in 2017.

One of the key players in the Vaderstad record setting team was Gustav Samuelson, and C B Norwood have been lucky enough to host Samuelson over the past two weeks as he has delivered Tempo training sessions to both our retail network and customers across the country. 

C B Norwood Vaderstad Operations Manager, Jamie Hanna, said that it’s always of immense value to be able to tap into Sameulson’s expertise.

“We’re thrilled to be able to offer training supported by Vaderstad Sweden that gives both our retail network and customers such a detailed level of understanding of the Tempo concept and familiarity with how the Tempo operates."

“For a machine like the Tempo, where it’s only used for six weeks or so of the year, having the ability to provide refreshers and give new operators training prior to the season is a huge advantage to customers who need to get going as soon as conditions demand it."

“It’s especially valuable this season, with conditions as wet as they’ve been. It’s likely the window for planting crops will be shorter than usual, so if we can help customers to be on the front foot from the get-go, then that’s even better”, said Hanna.

The key focus of the training sessions was to help dealers and customers understand the fundamental difference in how the Tempo operates in comparison to other seeders on the market. The Tempo’s positive pressure system delivers far greater consistency in seed delivery than other seed planters which all use a vacuum system, and has far higher accuracy when driving at faster speeds or on a slope than any of its competitors. Because of this, users can confidently expect superior establishment and crop yields, and reduced planting time and operation costs.

Hanna says that these training sessions were a great reminder of how much additional value is created through the close relationships C B Norwood has with its global brand partners. “The fact that we have Gustav here once or twice every year shows that Vaderstad truly recognise the value of being on the ground, in local markets, supporting everyone involved in getting their machinery to the paddock -  the distributors, the retail network and the end users.”

For technicians and sales teams, the focus was on ensuring everyone understands the requirements for optimal operation, working through all of the mechanical and electronic setup elements so each machine can be confidently tailored to individual field requirements at delivery.  But in today’s precision environment, optimal operation can also rely heavily on the tractor unit’s software compatibility with the Tempo it will be paired to, so ensuring our teams understand what’s required to test and integrate both tractor and Tempo platforms prior to delivery was another key objective.

For existing customers it was the opportunity to ask questions directly to the manufacturer and to provide their teams with a refresher on setup and operation ahead of the season they valued most. For new customers it was a chance to interact with farmers and contractors with direct experience using Väderstad equipment. By sharing their own stories, existing customers were able to validate the speed and accuracy results Samuelson was describing, confirming for the newbies that the machine performance truly does set a new benchmark.  

Adrian Noaro, an Opiki based contractor who is about to enter his fifth season planting with a Tempo, confirmed for the group at the Palmerston North training session that he typically plants at around 12kph, sometimes higher, compared with 4-8 kph in his pre-Tempo days. He also noted planting accuracy, which used to hover close to 90%, now sits around 99% or more. In fact his machine is configured to warn him of a possible issue if accuracy drops below 98%, such are the results he’s achieved!

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