Vredo Overseeding Arrives in New Zealand

Vredo Overseeding Ideal for Pasture Renovation

Wairarapa farmers and contractors enquiring about pasture renovation machinery led to C B Norwood Distributors Limited recently acquiring the Vredo range of overseeders.

Overseeders available in New Zealand to date have been more suitable to the arable market, with the closest coulter spacing of 125mm; suitable for cropping but very limited for pasture renovation. Pasture is of course the pastoral farmers' greatest asset, and the Vredo machines have features which make them ideal for rejuvenating pasture at minimal cost.

Vredo's double discs, spaced at 75mm handle all soil types and conditions, dropping the seed into a vee shaped slot, with each disc's individual spring controlling the depth of seed placement. Fluted following rollers which float independently of the discs then close the slot ensure good soil to seed contact and subsequent dense and healthy sward rejuvenation. Whilst impressive germination rates of up to 96% have been confirmed by German trials, the Vredo system is not limited to pasture renovation and all small seeds can be sown, into existing pastures or sprayed pastures and cropping applications.

Vredo's agricultural range of overseeders include models of working width from 2.5 to 5.8 metres, with both gravity feed and air delivery models available. C B Norwood's Agriculture Equipment Operations Manager Paul Collins sees three likely common scenarios.......  

“For farmers on reasonably flat land, the gravity feed “Agri Series” single unit of either 2.5 or 2.9 metres working width would be ideal. The

 “Agri Air” air delivery models are more suitable for farmers on undulating terrain. For contractors, the “Agri Twin”, with air delivery and cover up to 5.8 metres would fit the bill admirably,” says Collins. 

Vredo is a Dutch company which start

ed in 1947 as an agricultural contracting business. Like many contractors, Ben de Vree made modifications and developments to improve his own machinery, and in doing so an agricultural machinery company was born. The first Vredo overseeder was introduced in 1976 as a means of producing a healthy pasture sward from a tired one, at minimal cost. Having been an agricultural contractor, de Vree realised the importance of quality and reliability, both hallmarks of the Vredo overseeders.

Vredo also make a range of turf renovation machinery with 35mm row spacing suitable for sports grounds and similar applications.

“Reseeding, sorted” is the catch cry of Collins, as he explains why the Vredo machines will find popularity with New Zealand farmers and contractors.